about us All about us: The Natchitoches Historic District Business Association in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

The HDBA, was formed in the early 1980’s to provide the business owners in the Historic District an avenue for networking together. Our mission is to make the Natchitoches Historic District the #1 tourist destination in Louisiana. To accomplish this goal, the HDBA hosts several events each year and assists other groups with their events.

A major event hosted by HDBA is the Annual Natchitoches Classic Car Show, held on the last weekend of September or the first weekend in October each year. This event began in 2007 with 88 cars and last year’s show (2016) saw the total number of registrations increase to 411. Expectations are even higher for the 11th Annual Car Show coming in September of 2017!

We invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of our city, where you’ll visit with some of the nicest people in Louisiana and partake of the great cuisine Natchitoches has to offer. If our organization can be of help to you, please use this form to contact us or email us here.